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PoE Currency Farming Effective Strategies | Necropolis League

PoE Currency Farming Effective Strategies | Necropolis League

In PoE 3.24 Necropolis League, players are brought to a new crafting system that completely changed item creation mechanism and has given rise to huge opportunities for making currency. This guide offers some insights on how you can go about using these features in the league so as to enhance your crafting power and amass wealth efficiently.



League Mechanic

The league mechanic introduced in 3.24 is one where players encounter haunted monsters which when defeated can be gathered and configured within a cemetery. The reason why this is possible is because it allows for the creation of items with unique properties obtained from essences drawn from these monsters.

This means that there cannot exceed sixty monsters, therefore stored having them require strategic management or else reliance on coffins for stash expansion.


Some highlights include:

  • Monster farming allows players to obtain specific crafting components.
  • It is important to manage corpses well since only sixty can be kept at any given time.
  • Corpses can be traded creating an alternative source of income for those who do not like crafting.
  • The passive Atlas skill tree also includes nodes that improve this league mechanic.



Necropolis has offered an unprecedented opportunity for deterministic crafting by allowing crafters to create recipes from different corpses depending on their wishful modifiers . Some notable crafts are:

#1 Increased occurrence rates for certain mods such as fire or speed ones
#2 Mod tiers prevent low-grade mods roll on high-level gear
#3 Explicit mod fractures may appear as multiple 'fracture' stacks per single item even
#4 For the first time ever we now have items with up to seven implicit modifiers


Crafting Strategy:

  1. Use the league mechanic to target desired mods when crafting highly valuable items.
  2. Combine modifier tier ratings so as to eliminate lower-tier rolls that are undesirable.
  3. Create items with high-endurance stats by using fractured modifiers.
  4. Look for synergistic combinations through experimenting with new crafts.


Atlas Strategy

The crafting and farming efficiency will be maximized if players prioritize the Atlas passives that improve the league mechanic. For this reason, it is imperative to test and experiment with these new systems and realize there immense potential.

PoE 3.24 Necropolis Atlas Passive


Atlas Progression:

There are other ways to efficiently generate currency in PoE 3.24, but creating a well thought out atlas strategy post early progression into T16 maps can suitably achieve this. The new preset feature on the atlas allows players to quickly switch between farming setups, very much needed for different farming objectives or league mechanics adaptation.


Important Nodes:

Corpse Crafting Nodes These nodes seriously boost chances for unique and high-tier modifier crafts on corpses within your maps.
Haunted Modifiers Some nodes increase the likelihood of encountering rare monsters or creating spirits by collecting corpses thereby granting better rewards afterward.
Devoted Modifiers Targeting nodes which increase chances of getting devoted modifiers can result in exciting valuable item enhancements.


Map Nodes and Singular Focus:

  • Map Nodes: It is advisable to secure all map related nodes early due to expected scarcity of maps so as to keep you in constant supply of maps for continuous farming.
  • Singular Focus: Remember whether you should spec into singular focus since it may inhibit drop rates for T17 maps which could be highly valuable.


Influence Farming and Scarab Utilization:

  • Influence Nodes: The early league influence farming is still strong now with even more pack size & modifiers additionned.
  • Scarabs: Use specific scarabs that enhance pack size particularly those that affect magic monster packs, amplifying currency gains from altars.


Scarab Nodes and Beyond Strategy:

  • Scarab Nodes: Prioritize those that have increased probability of finding scarabs especially ones giving better variants.
  • Beyond Strategy: Spec into Beyond nodes that farm tainted currency most effectively without activating Keystone so as to avoid boss spawns while maximizing mob farming


To sum it up, PoE 3.24 provides an intricate and rewarding currency farm strategy to its players through a new league mechanic and crafting enhancements. This is because players can create powerful items and generate massive wealth by targeting and managing monster corpses wisely. Success in this update's new systems lies in knowing and taking advantage of them.

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