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PoE 3.24 Starter Builds: Top 5 Best Pick in Necropolis League

PoE 3.24 Starter Builds: Top 5 Best Pick in Necropolis League

Path of Exile's latest update - 3.24 Necropolis, is packed full of changes including the addition of multiple new automation gems, reworks to existing skills, and even changes to items like Rach boots. On top of all that there are also meta shifts due to passive tree adjustments like Wandering Path being removed. In short, it's going to be chaotic. We've rounded up five different builds that will get you off on the right foot in the new league.


Build #1: Lightning Strike Champion

The renowned Fuzzy Duxy designed this build so it is famously very tanky with many positive reviews from the community. He has produced some of the most solid guides, having tested them extensively before uploading them on his channel source.Thus, this particular Champion build by him stands out because its beginner friendly approach makes it suitable for people who start playing at the beginning of a league.

PoE Lightning Stricke Champion Build


Key Features:

  • Inexpensive Gear: It simply means that when players begin this build, they can easily get hold of gear required for it through which they can level up quickly.
  • Effective Hit Pool: For a game of its caliber, an effective hit pool of around 123k is quite good making it a solid foundation as a league starter.
  • Defense Mechanism: This defensive setup relies on evasion armor mix and Perseverance Vanguard Belt which provides simplicity during early accumulation.
  • Leveling And Progression: Fuzzy Duxy shows you how to level up your character using this build giving you an idea how strong it would be when you progress through different points in the game.
  • Reputation with Players: With Fuzzy Duxy‘s many reviews, the community supports his work and he still runs a continuous support channel.
  • Build Flexibility: This Champion build is versatile and well-rounded for different playstyles as it can clear maps and handle other forms of content in-game.


If you want to play this strong Lightning Strike Champion build for Path of Exile 3.24, you will find all the necessary resources from Fuzzy Duxy including a pre-league test run that showcases its abilities. Find these resources in my description below if you want to get deeper insights into the specifics of this build.


PoB Link:


Build #2: Boneshatter Juggernaut

Ideal for players who love tankiness and consistent performance, this build is completely unaffected by any patch notes in the latest update hence remains viable in the current league.  Its sturdy nature and straightforward gameplay make it a good choice for players who want a melee character that can handle Path of Exile's difficult environment.

PoE Boneshatter Juggernaut Build


Build Essentials:

  • Skill: Boneshatter
  • Class: Juggernaut
  • Weapon: Two-handed
  • Notable Passive: Untiring Node


Scaling and Gearing:

  • Early Gear: Due to their frequent drops during campaign, Tanui gloves come in handy as a first gear recommendation.
  • Day 1 Setup: On the first day, it is possible to have a 5-link setup which forms a solid core of this build.
  • Beyond Day 2: Progression towards a 6-link setup allows enhancing the build further leading to deeper Delve levels (approximately 400 – 450 depth).



  • Ease of scaling through levels and gears - This makes it easy to level up with the build.
  • Tankiness - Combined with its mechanics, this increases its survivability because of how Juggernaut's passive skills are designed together with those of Boneshatter.
  • Longevity -This build is still strong for both present as well as forthcoming patches since changes have no impact on it.
  • Progression-Friendly – It has enough room for endgame progression but also an early league friendly build.


Build Progression:

  • Leveling Guide – A leveling guide from act by act along with PoB codes for each act including Path of Building is available to speed-up your leveling process.
  • Endgame Potential – With proper investment, this builds can go deep into high tier delves among other end game content.


PoB Link:


Build #3 - Explosive Trap Trickster

Need a new Path of Exile build to try? Check out this Explosive Trap Trickster build that Felus Dumbo has crafted! This particular one doesn't need the Sunblast belt which makes it quite unique compared to most trap builds. Run circles around your enemies with the Trickster class, it's enhanced survivability and mobility will give you an edge in any situation.

PoE Explosive Trap Trickster Build


Advantages of the Build:

  • Survivability: Tankier than Saboteurs so the transition into early mapping is much smoother.
  • Mobility: Good for dodging attacks and setting up traps.
  • Damage Output: You'll do some serious damage out of the gate.
  • Recent Buffs: Explosive Trap has had a few buffs recently and is even more powerful now!


Build Progression:

Felus Dumbo has laid out a detailed path for progressing through his build:

  • Early Mapping: He's given you a five-link setup for those early maps. Covers Acts 1 through 4 and Act 7.
  • Endgame Strategy: A complete endgame version so you can dominate late-game content with ease.


Comprehensive Guide Elements:

Here are all the different aspects of the guide that he's included:

  • Self Chill: Explains how all the mechanics work together.
  • Mana Management: Tips for managing mana costs better.
  • Guardians Blessings: Breakdown on how to use these skills best.
  • Min-Max Guide: If you're looking to go even further, check out this min-max guide from patch 3.22.


PoB Link:


Build #4 - Toxic Rain Pathfinder

This build is a great option for players who want to balance offense and defense in Path of Exile 3.24. It's particularly ideal for Delvers and those who want to farm in the early league, which makes it perfect for users looking to become a master with Toxic Rain Pathfinder.

PoE Toxic Rain Pathfinder Build

The guide is put together by PU2, an expert when it comes to comprehensive content. This means that no matter if you’re a rookie or a veteran player, the full breakdown of this build’s mechanics will be right up your alley and get you going.


Build Essentials:

  • Ascendancy Synergy: The ascendency of Pathfinder hasn’t changed, which means you can enjoy some potent flask effects. When combined with the Tides of War Vanguard belt, you’ll be able to make use of a Mageblood effect.
  • Weapon Choice: Quill Rain is all you need to deliver significant damage in your quests without having to invest much else.
  • Defense Mechanisms: With almost 17-20k armor and 23-25k evasion alongside Petrified Blood, players manage strong defenses.
  • Mobility and Utility: Phasing at 100% uptime ensures excellent mobility no matter what you're doing.


Gearing Up:

  • Transitional Gear: Affordable uniques can help carry players through red tier maps which are great places for farming.
  • Flask Management: As we mentioned before, strategic flask usage is key when playing as a Pathfinder. That's why the guide takes care in breaking down optimal flask choices and management techniques.


Advantages of the Build:

  • Early League Viability: One of the biggest strengths of this build is that players can succeed without having advanced too far into their journey yet. 
  • Consistent Performance: You won't have any issues keeping up with other stages in the game using this Toxic Rain Pathfinder. Even if TR gets nerfed, don't worry – this build will still be as effective as ever.


PoB Link:


Build #5 - The Wave of Conviction Elementalist

The Wave of Conviction Elementalist build is an easy to use class that can help you level up quickly in the early stages of the game and also still be useful as you progress. Ignite is at its core, which is a solid choice considering the Shaper of Flames ascendancy perk. This build comes packed full of damage, so players will see their damage output go from a tiny stream into a rushing river.

PoE The Wave of Conviction Elementalist Build

If you're looking for a build that scales well throughout the entire game then this one might be perfect for you. It starts strong and by Act 3 or 4, it's already pumping out heavy damage. Once you get to early mapping, this build will help your character slay enemies with ease. But if all those features aren't enough for you then fear not! This build thrives during patch changes and has yet to receive any nerfs.


Key Features:

  • Gains strength fast around Act 3 or 4
  • Efficiently gears up early in the game 
  • Works well no matter what playstyle suits you
  • Robust against patch changes; no direct nerfs in recent notes.


Build Progression:

Leveling Variation
  • Designed for new league starts with minimal gear requirements.
  • Effective up to Tier 5 (T5) maps.
Mid-Tier Progression
  • Enhances spell suppression and overall defense.
  • Continues to build on the solid foundation set during leveling.
Endgame Tree
  • Focuses on Chaos Inoculation for defense.
  • Maximizes ignite damage potential.


Transition Options:

  • Guide includes steps to shift towards a Black Flame Detonate Dead Elementalist build.
  • Tested for viability in Solo Self-Found (SSF) environments.


Performance and Viability:

  • Tested in current league with positive results
  • Confirmed robustness by community level testing 


PoB Link:


The Path of Exile 3.24 league offers a diverse range of starter builds to suit various playstyles and preferences. The above list is not exhaustive but provides a solid foundation for players looking to dive into the new league with confidence. As always, adaptability is key in PoE, and players should remain open to tweaking their builds as they progress and as the meta evolves.

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