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Welcome to PathofexileCurrency - the home of all need Path of Exile Currency. Now we know that just hearing the words Privacy Policy can make anyone's eyes glaze over faster than a doughnut in a sugar shower. But rest assured, we'll try our best to keep this as lively as a loot drop frenzy and as clear as freshly polished crystal wand. Privacy Policy is open 24/7, but that doesn't mean we're letting every information thief wipe their feet on our welcome mat. Your privacy is incredibly important to us, and here's what we do with the digital breadcrumbs you leave behind.


The Handshake Agreement

By using our website you are agreeing to a handshake agreement with our Privacy Policy. This means that you are ok with us collecting some details based on the terms outlined here.


The Treasure Trove of Data We Collect 

You might be wondering what personal information you're being asked to hand over and why. Well don't worry! Whenever we ask for any of your personal details we'll always tell you why.

Are you contacting us? In which case, we may want your name, email address , phone number and (or not) message.


Or are you creating an account? Then we may need more basic information like your name, maybe even your company's name if you're a big shot. Your address, email address and telephone number too.


How We Use Your Shiny Data Nuggets?

We don't hoard all your data like a dragon in its cave full of gold. Here are some things that we actually do with it:

  • Make sure our website runs smoothly than a quicksilver flask
  • Personalise / tailor your visit to make it as comfy as your favorite gaming chair
  • Understand how you navigate our website so we can keep improving it
  • Create new products and services that you'll love more than a full stack of chaos orbs
  • Reach out if we have any updates or think that you need help / support with anything
  • Send emails that are actually useful, not just pigeon post.
  • Play detective to sniff out and stop any nasty fraudsters.


Log Files

Like all good librarians, our website takes notes of visitors - but minus the shushing. These logs may contain your IP address, browser type, ISP, time stamps, referring/exit pages and click counts. We do this in order to understand trends and keep the gears greased.


Cookies and Web Beacons

Our website uses cookies – but don't try eating them! These digital nibbles store information for things like preferences and which pages you've visited. All in all to give you this bespoke experience tailored specifically to your needs.


Advertising Partners' Privacy Practices

Now let's talk about our advertising partners. They use all sorts of wizardry like cookies (yum - but not edible), JavaScript and Web Beacons to make sure that the ads they show you are more appealing than a shiny new piece of loot. These technologies work behind the scenes collecting your IP address and engaging in sorcery so they can tailor ads specifically to you.

Just a reminder, we don't have any access to the secret codes that these third-party ad companies use. We're like kids staring at a loot chest full of goodies that we can't open.


Third-Party Privacy Policies

Our Privacy Policy only covers so much territory. It tells you what we do, but not what others do. If you want to know more about the practices of those who lack our valiant heart, you should consult their privacy policies instead. Their scrolls have the answers and spells for opting out.

If cookies (not the chocolate kind) are your concern, each browser is a different kingdom. You can disable them – and exercise control over your personal data – through your browser settings. Find guides on their respective websites.


Your Data Protection Rights

In sunny California lives an artifact called the CCPA. It grants its residents certain rights:

Right to Know You can ask businesses to disclose categories and specific pieces of personal information they have collected.
Right to Deletion You can request that businesses erase any personal information about you.
Right to Opt Out And if you don't want your information sold, you can forbid it.

So if you would like to wield any of these mighty privileges, contact us by raven (or send us a message), and we will have one month to respond.


Travelers from far-off lands governed by GDPR also boast some dragon-worthy rights:

Right to Access Data subjects may make requests for copies of their own data in a machine-readable format.
Right to Rectification Spot an inaccuracy? You can ask for outdated or incomplete personal data be updated.
Right to Erasure Under certain conditions, it may be possible to ask an organization to delete data subjects' personally identifiable information (PII).
Right to Restrict Processing Subjects may restrict processing under certain conditions.
Right To Object To Processing If a subject objects with regard to their PII being processed, organizations must stop processing such data unless they demonstrate legitimate grounds for overriding the request.
Right To Data Portability Subject access rights allow individuals control over their own information. They can ask organizations to provide collected PII in a commonly used format so it can be ported to another organization or directly to the data subject.

All of these privileges must be invoked within one month and we may ask for a small fee before we grant your request.


Protecting Young Adventurers

Finally, we're dedicated to protecting the young ones of the world. Parents should oversee their kids as they explore our digital landscape.

PathofexileCurrency does not knowingly collect any Personal Identifiable Information from children under the age of 12. If you believe that your squire has provided us with such information, please contact our knights at once and we will remove it promptly. Also, learn more through our Terms and Conditions.


That's all there is for now, brave travelers! With this information in hand, your journey through our digital world will be as secure as a fortress. But if you have any more questions – or need help on your quest – remember that your wizards are just a message away. Safe travels!

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