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PoE Trade: Top 8 Tips and Tricks You Must Know

PoE Trade: Top 8 Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Trading is known to be difficult in Path of Exile (PoE), but there are ways to make it simpler and easier. This guide will cover 8 essential trade tricks including Fuzzy Search, Group by Seller, Search by Time Listed, Message the Middle, Sell Instead of Buy, Super Secret Naughty Trick Bulk Selling or Reverse Sale Technique.



Press - In the trade search bar to search in Fuzzy Mode This means you don't need to type exact modifier or item names to have them show up in search.
Group by Sell Allows you to buy multiple different items from a single person in a single trade.
Stock Count: AKA Bulk Buying Allows you to search for people with only a set amount of a specific item or currency listed for trade.
Search By Time Listed Allows you to search for items that have been listed for trade within a certain time period.
Currency Bulk Buying Tip When buying currency, rather message people around the middle of the listing rather than the top, as these people are far more likely to respond to you.
Sell Instead of Buy Selling your divines for chaos should get you a faster trade than trying to buy chaos for your divine.
Use Decimals To List Higher List for 14.99 chaos instead of 15 chaos to have your trade listing show up higher on the list.
Bulk Listing Yours for mine Eg 60/20 (60 of your chaos orbs for 20 of my scarabs).
List From League Tabs If you are selling a lot of a specific type of stackable item, you can sell it directly from its relevant tab by setting that tab to public.
Reverse Sale Instead of listing your currency/fragment/card etc look for people looking to buy those instead.


Fuzzy Search

The PoE Trade Site has a Fuzzy Search feature that can greatly simplify your search queries. It allows you to use less specific searches than usual by activating fuzzy mode with tilde key (`~`).

PoE Trade Stat Filters

How To Use Fuzzy Search:

  1. Press `Shift` + `~` (the key next to `1` on your keyboard).
  2. Input partial or less specific search term. For example instead of typing 'Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills" you can type `~ Ellie attack skill`.
  3. Even if the exact modifier name isn't used the search will return relevant results.

This method is especially helpful when you don't know the exact name of a modifier or just want to speed up your searching process.


Group by Merchant

Sorting by seller is a useful tool when you are buying several things. With this function, you can purchase different items in one deal from one vendor.

PoE Trade Categorize by Merchant


Steps on How to Group by Seller:

  1. Go to the trading website and find the items that you need.
  2. Click on "Group by Seller" at the bottom part of the search interface.
  3. Adjust stock count if needed (for example, if you want sellers with multiple sets of items).
  4. Contact seller via direct whisper specifying quantities and items you want to buy.


This is particularly helpful for purchasing sets of fragments, scarabs or any other bulk type of item.



Filter by Time Listed

Searching for low-value or unique league-specific items late into a league requires filtering by time listed so as not to waste time messaging inactive sellers who listed days or even weeks ago.

PoE Trade Search by Time Listed

Steps on How to Search by Time Listed:

  • Begin your initial search for the desired item.
  • Change “Listed” filter from “Anytime” to a more recent timeframe like within last 3 hours.
  • Concentrate on contacting sellers who have recently listed their items as they are more likely active and will reply.


This way ensures that most replies are received rather than wasted with people who have already left their listing up for days without being online once.


Message The Middle

When buying in bulk it can be beneficial to avoid messaging top-listed sellers as they often receive floods of whispers from competitors all offering similar deals; therefore wasting time and decreasing response rate chances.

PoE Trade Message The Middle Overview


Steps on How to Message the Middle:

  1. Scroll past top listings targeting sellers in middle of list instead.
  2. These sellers should be messaged as they usually respond faster due to less overall competition from other potential buyers.


By using this method you increase your odds at finding an available seller willing fill order quickly


Trade Instead of Buy

Consider selling your stuff for what you would want to buy instead of buying poe currency directly. For instance if you need Chaos Orbs for Exalted Orbs:

  1. Examine the Cost: Find out how much an exalt is in chaos at present.
  2. Put Your Items Up for Sale: Place your exalts in the tab and price them in chaos at the current rate (15c —> 1ex).
  3. Go a little bit lower than others: To sell quickly, undercut the market by a small margin (e.g., 14chaos instead of 15). This will ensure that yours appear first and sell faster.

PoE Extact Price


The Really Naughty Cheat

How to make your listings appear first without lowering price:

  • List for slightly weird amounts: For example, 14.999 instead of 15.
  • Visibility boost: This makes it slightly cheaper and thus pushes it to the top of search results while still effectively selling at desired rate.


Bulk Sales

Selling multiple items:

  • Set exact prices: Use trade tab's feature to set an exact price on bulk quantity of same item (20 scarabs @ 57c).
  • Round numbers are simple: Alternatively, you can just use round numbers like “60 chaos per 20 scarabs”.
  • Make public tabs work for you: Make your currency tab public, then list many items at once directly into it — saves time!


Reverse Sale Technique

How to sell things faster by finding people who want them more:

  • Find buyers as sellers would look for them: Search players who are wanting those things but paying with higher value currencies such as divine orbs.
  • Compare both sides (buying & selling) so you don't get undercut either way.
  • Always double check listings; watch out for scams!


These tricks will help you trade better in Path Of Exile and greatly improve your efficiency.

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