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Path of Exile Level Up Fast: High Exp Gain Atlas Strategy

Path of Exile Level Up Fast: High Exp Gain Atlas Strategy

When we talk about efficiency regarding character level ups in Path of Exile , it is all about the Atlas of Worlds. This manual gives an overall strategy for gaining experience points fast by using domination shrines, abysses and the beyond mechanic. With this guide players will be able to understand how they can best configure their atlas trees and map layouts so that they receive huge amounts of experience points.



How Does It Work?

This setup works mainly through domination shrines; specifically Domination Scarab of Teachings which gives 30% increased experience per shrine buffing on you. The player can have up until nine active buffs simultaneously hence adding a lot of experience gained over time. 

Path of Exile Domination Scarab of Teachings

Additionally one may also consider adding some abysses as they bring more monsters thus increasing chances for getting extra XP especially when combined with certain nodes from the atlas which increase xp gained from abysssals by 60%. As for those who are capable enough build-wise, this mechanic offers another layer for leveling; it spawns mobs from clustered ones created by beyonds in them.


Atlas Tree

To make the most out of this method through optimization of our Atlas trees we should focus on:

  • Application: Get an extra shrine and take node indicating longer duration.
  • Blocking: Allow only breaches & abyss to appear on your maps.
  • Alarmy: Grab yourself 50% more exp from abysmal creatures;
  • Domination: Increase probability that additional shrines will be generated;
  • Beyond: If possible add extra monsters via beyond mechanics (take all merging nodes & chances to attract Beyond).
  • Endless Tide: Stop bosses from appearing too early so that there is a continuous flow beyonds.

Path of Exile Atlas Tree Screenshot

The aim is to have 100% beyond in every map combined with abysses for maximum spawn rates of mobs & xp gain.


Map Setup

The setup of the map should have:

  • Two Domination Shrines: Every shrine adds to the experience multiplier.
  • Scarab of Teaching: Gives an experience gain from shrine buffs.
  • Scarab of Multitudes: Increases the number of monsters in abysses.
  • Map Mod: Choose Domination to add three more shrines.
  • Map Choice: Select Cemetery or a similar compact layout for efficient shrine collection and abyss clearing.
  • Map Roll: Aim for increased pack size to maximize monster count and experience.

Players can get up to 270% more experience by stacking shrines and optimizing map choices. This guide presents a step-by-step method for setting up your Atlas and maps to gain high experience in Path of Exile.


Price Breakdown

The cost is important when it comes to effectively using this high experience strategy. Currently, running five-way Legion encounter costs around 2 Divine Orbs per 5 runs. It gives an experience gain same as traditional five ways but with cheaper cost.

Path of Exile Price Breakdown

When equipped with experienced gear you can expect additional 15% of expereince gained without them it ranges from 13%-14%. Following our recommended strategy we achieved nearly 13% experience gain which will be shown in upcoming map run example.


Here is detailed cost analysis:

Domination Scarabs Seven Scarabs can be bought for around one divine orb, allowing seven map runs.
Additional Scarabs Two ambition scarab or multitude scarab costs about one chaos each.

By using this technique, you will perform 14 maps runs that will cost only 2 Divine Orbs versus standard 5 way legion encounters which are three times expensive. Also this approach generates big amount of loot.

PoE Ninja Screenshot

To break even or profit, level up support gems in your secondary weapon slot. Select high demand support gems based on current market trends from sources like Poe Ninja. If you have extra gem slots in your main setup, utilize them for additional support gems to maximize profitability.


Map Run Example

Take a character at level 96 and an initial experience of 56%. The aim is to stack as many shrine bonuses as possible before fighting; each bonus gives huge experience gains.


Do the following:

  • Scout out and loot as many shrines as you can without fighting anything else.
  • Once you have most shrines, start doing Abysses to cash in your stacked shrine bonuses.
  • Optionally add Beyonds if your build allows it — more monsters for more exp.
  • Finish the map after Abysses or just quit right away.

By following these steps and stacking shrine bonuses, we were able to achieve 12% average exp per map from 56% to 68%. The trick is to get all the shrines before starting your Abysses so you get maximum amount of exp.


In summary, the greater amount of collected shrines before entering Abyss means larger EXP gain. Make sure your build can handle fast shrine collection speed to avoid problems. Even with occasional bypassed shrines this method is very efficient for leveling in Path of Exile quickly.

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