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PoE Necropolis Gear Crafting: Basics Outlined, Tips and Strategies

PoE Necropolis Gear Crafting: Basics Outlined, Tips and Strategies

The different crafting systems in Path of Exile are famous for their depth and complexity which give a sense of fulfillment when engaged with. However, the recent patch made it so that the Necropolis could be crafted in a simplified but more powerful way. This help sheet will enable players to successfully navigate through the intricacies involved in necropolis gear crafting in an easy-to-understand manner.


What makes Necropolis Crafting Amazing?

A recent update changed the inventive process behind how items are created within PoE from being overly complicated and time consuming into something that is very direct instantaneously effective for all players. The new system simplifies this by having only one step involved instead of multiple stages with various outcomes and responses required to complete an item creation cycle.


One great thing about it is its deterministic nature which can produce high quality/useful item in relatively short amount of time. Though getting bodies might feel boring you should know that planting them always pays off well.


To anyone who may find themselves overwhelmed or scared off by such things as these guides aim at illuminating them while also serving as encouragement towards engaging with what is otherwise hidden knowledge concerning powerful mechanics like this one here. We want people not just understand but also enjoy playing around these things hence our decision simplify everything.


The Basics Of Necropolis Crafting

Understanding how Necropolis crafts work is quite easy; here are some steps:

  • Pick your desired item:  energy shield chest piece with high defense.
  • Choose desired modifiers:  think about what stats would be best suited on this particular gear type based off playstyle & build goals (e.g., if going CI then prioritize ES suffixes).
  • Include specific mods:  if there are specific affixes that you need such as fire resist, then add more "increased chances for" fire mod etc.
  • Get rid of unwanted mods:  use a few different prefixes and suffixes to make sure only the ones you want show up. For instance if going RF+MoM but don't want physical reflect on your ES chest, make it so that physical is less likely to roll as an affix with some other mod like armor or evasion.
  • Further Refine Your Mod Pool:  by excluding unnecessary ones; eg for a CI build exclude chaos mods so that when selecting general resistance mods you don't end up getting chaos res too.


How to Learn Modifier Tags in Necropolis?

Modifier tags are useful in determining what stats can roll on items. In order to see these tags in game, hover over an item and hold the ALT key. This will display additional information such as modifier tags (in bold italics) next to each stat.


For example, "life" is tagged as life; while "fire damage to attacks" would be tagged as damage, elemental, fire, attack. Knowing these tags allows you to affect crafting outcomes. If you want Energy Shield gloves without fire damage, make elemental/fire/attack mods rarer during crafting manipulation.


While in-game tooltips offer some insight, external resources like Craft of Exile provide a more complete picture. On this website you can select an item type and base (e.g., intelligence body armor for ES) and see possible modifiers with their tags – conveniently color coded!


With this knowledge you can craft more precisely – making certain mods like life or mana scarcer while favoring specific resistances or increased defenses..etc This lets you craft without needing predefined recipes.


What Modifier Tier Rating Does?

The tier rating of a modifier is one of the most important aspects in Path of Exile crafting. It determines how good/bad different rolls are on gear. By using items that increase your modifier's tier rating ,you can effectively eliminate lower tiers from appearing on crafted items.

Craftofexile Crafting Screenshot

For instance adding +50 to modifier tier rating means no rolls below 34% of its maximum will occur when rolling the mod . When crafting Energy Shield, this ensures we don't get weakest rolls possible & have higher chances for stronger ones (stats).


Craft of Exile shows what tiers each mod has available . Usually around +400 rating should secure a t2 mod reliably & around+300 should give mix between t3-t1 which is still ok for endgame use.


It's important not to overlook cost effectiveness though because there are diminishing returns past certain points so you should aim for around +400 unless going for absolute perfection.


How to do a Recipe (with an Example)?

The making system in games like Path of Exile can be complex. In this case, we are going to simplify it by teaching you how to make a wand with enhanced gem levels and critical stats for a Tornado build. You will understand the steps on how to discover the recipe for your desired item through the use of Craft of Exile website.

Step 1: Selecting the Item Base
  • Open up Craft of Exile.
  • Choose 'One-Handed Weapons' and select 'Wand' or 'Scepter'.
Step 2: Choosing the Crafting Method
  • Go for 'Graveyard' method.
  • Disregard other methods for now.
Step 3: Identifying Desired Affixes
  • Look at prefixes first as they are important for skill boost.
  • Pick out mods that are specific for your Tornado Build such as 'Cold Skill Gems', 'Fire Skill Gems', 'Lightning Skill Gems', and 'All Spell Skill Gems'.
Step 4: Adding Critical Modifiers
  • Decide on 'Increased Critical Chance for Spells'.
  • Pick Tier 2 which balances crafting speed and item quality.
  • Also go with Tier 2 for 'Critical Strike Multiplier'.
Step 5: Organizing Affix Priorities
  • Make sure chosen affixes aren't mutually exclusive.
  • Put critical chance and multiplier on separate columns so both are included in craft.
Step 6: Calculating the Craft
  • Use Craft of Exile's "Compute Best Selection" for optimal recipe.
  • Lower tiers and quantities to reduce number needed attempts.
Step 7: Refining the Recipe
  • Aim for five-affix item so there is room left over bench crafting.
  • Lower modifier tier ratings or scarcer stacks saves resources.
  • Based on trial impact adjust critical and gem modifier stacks.
Step 8: Finalizing the Craft
  • Experiment on adding or removing modifiers for an efficient balance.
  • Find out how many attempts are acceptable for your crafting goal.


Example Craft:

For Tornado Build, you might want a wand with:

  • - +1 to Level of All Spell Skill Gems
  • - +1 to Level of Cold/Fire/Lightning Skill Gems
  • - Increased Critical Chance for Spells (Tier 2)
  • - Critical Strike Multiplier (Tier 2)

The aim is to create a wand that will greatly improve your Tornado Build without spending too much resources.


Does it function?

When done right, crafting in PoE's Necropolis can give some amazing results. For instance, you can craft a wand and get affixes such as +1 to gem levels which is top-tier or high tier fire damage to spells. Critical strike chance and multiplier can also be rolled with good results.

Craftofexile Crafting Gear Work

The whole thing involves using corpses for crafting; every attempt consumes a certain amount of corpses that is affected by meta-crafting techniques for efficiency.  As an example, you should aim for 18 tries to get +2 gem level and four tries for +1 level using the refined recipe.


Choosing A Base

Among other things, picking the correct base item is key to successful crafting. Now PoE lets players select specific bases more precisely than ever before. If it's a unique base like Stan Vis belt, need to find corresponding corpse as seed too. 


Valuable resources such as will help familiarize yourself with different bases and their requirements – compare attributes like intelligence requirements or cast speed bonus so you know what works best with your build.


Increasing quality

The more quality an item has, the better its stats are going to be — but how do we get it? Corpses add quality easily and can raise item's quality up until 30%. This works great on armor (boosts energy shield) or physical weapons (increases physical damage).


It's usually worth maxing out items' qualities before doing further crafts (ex: Harvest crafts that interact with item quality).


Item Level Matters

Item level (ilvl) determines what affixes this piece of gear could receive through crafting process; higher ilvls open up access towards stronger mods! Crafting critical strike chance highest tiers would require at least 76 ilvl but if want maximum multi then need even higher than that which only wands provide so make sure they're high enough by using respective corpses during creation. 


The average level of those used while crafting determines ilvl, but can be altered by using +1 to ilvl corpses for example. You must always use appropriate ones if aiming at certain mods' rolls thus ensuring enough spell damage would ask for wand being least 84 ilvl so require higher levelled plus such that grant an increase in ilvls too.


Craziness Connecting

Linking is very important in the game Path of Exile. Here's how you do it:

  • Start by pre-linking an item with a few sockets connected together using corpses.
  • Use three corpses that specify a maximum of four linked sockets, followed by one with a maximum of five, and finally another that allows for six.
  • Many +1 maximum link corpses can be used alternatively to this six-link corpse as long as they are combined with each other.
  • The number of links your item will have is shown in the crafting menu upon planting it.
  • Explicit modifiers default at four; adding a corpse can increase or decrease this to five or three respectively for certain crafts.


Don't Feel Like You Need To Hyper Optimize

You don't need to perfectly optimize your layout for most crafting endeavors:

  • Unless you're crafting a full graveyard extremely rare item, complex layout optimization should not be worried about.
  • Layout optimization doesn't matter for crafts using around 30 corpses.


Row & Column Boost

Make use of meta corpses to improve efficiency without overcomplicating setup:

  • Place gem levels or mod tier rating etcetera in rows or columns where they're important.
  • Use corpses which give a 25% boost to all modifiers in their row or column to amplify these significant modifiers farther.
  • Adjacency boosts exist but are less important overall efficiency wise.
  • This way saves poe currency on expensive/scarce mods by getting more out them through adjacency/row/column.


Fun Bonus: Random Crafts

Add some randomness and potential value with random crafts:

  • Set up four lesser desirable bodies in a cross shape around one central randomizer body.
  • When activated, randomizer changes itself and bodies adjacent, possibly giving rares/valuable mods.
  • Discard unwanted results and proceed with craft.
  • Can unlock crafts otherwise inaccessible sometimes; adds fun twist to normal routine.



You can manipulate probabilities by above these steps which will allow for items that suit what you need exactly as well as giving more control over the outcome. The fact that this system is deterministic means players don't have to rely heavily on luck when creating amazing gears within PoE's Necropolis setup.


Ultimately, no matter what level player you are whether starting out or being a seasoned veteran seeking an upper hand; knowing how to master necro gear craft would greatly benefit your journey within pathfinder world.

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