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Path of Exile: Beginners Needs FAQs, 2024

Path of Exile: Beginners Needs FAQs, 2024

This guide offers a beginner-friendly frequently asked questions section for those who are just beginning their journey through Path of Exile in the year 2024. Kickstart your adventure with quick, straight-to-the-point answers about this complex and challenging game.


General Tips

These general tips should be followed by novices because they provide an understanding of core mechanics at the very foundation which later results in more fun while gaming as well as success too. From setting up your skills to managing your currencies, these general tips will lay a strong foundation for your journey in Path of Exile.

Path of Exile Beginner General Tips Overviiew

Setting Up Skills
  • Change your default attack keybind to "move only" as it gives better control over combat.
  • Enable settings like "always show sockets," "show full descriptions" and "show life/mana values" for increased clarity.
  • Make sure to use flasks properly especially during early stages of campaign.
Flask Management
  • Optimize your flask setup, focusing on utility flasks later on in the game.
  • Solve Mana issues through other means so that flask slots can be used for more impactful choices.
Skill Specialization
  • Choose one primary skill and align other attributes around it to boost its power.
  • It's important to follow a beginner build guide when specializing skills.
Support Gems & Linking
  • Enhance your main skill by linking it with support gems found on pieces of gear.
  • Understand which socket colours are best suited for different types of skills being used in order maximize their potential damage output or other desired effects when socketed together using linked sockets etc..
Obtaining Skills
  • Visit jewelry currency vendors in towns to buy new gems that suit your character class.
  • Unlock additional gem vendors throughout Act 3 and Act 6 which offer wider range skill options available than those found earlier on during gameplay etc..
Hideout/Crafting Use the crafting bench in your hideout to add essential stats (such as resistances and life) onto gear.
Currency Management Pick a movement skill e.g. Frost Blink to move around faster during gameplay.
Movement Skills Save valuable currencies earned through the campaign for later use in higher level areas of the game where they become more useful.


How to Reduce Deaths?

For those new to Path of Exile, dying repeatedly can be a real drag. Understand the defense system, put resistances and life first and utilize armor, evasion and leech — all in an effort to increase survival rate. These recommendations will allow you to play the game with confidence and efficiency.

Path of Exile Dying Less Overview



  • You must have 75% all res (fire, cold lightning) at least.
  • Alch jewels or bench craft res on them.
  • Chaos resist does not need to be prioritized until endgame.


HP Pool:

  • Have around 3k life when entering maps.
  • Look for ~100% increased life on tree by level 70
  • Resistances are good but don’t forget about raw health as your main defensive layer.


Armor / Evasion:

  • Use either armor or evasion or both against phys hits
  • Consider running determination and/or grace auras for more defense


Leech Defense:

  • Make sure your build has enough life/mana leech to sustain during fights.
  • Even a little bit of leech can make a big difference in staying alive.



  • Add bleed removal mod to life flask OR become bleed immune with right pantheon
  • Bleeds will take away big chunks of your hp fast so stopping them is important.


Tweaking Gameplay Style:

  • Don't run stuff too high above your lvl
  • Transmute maps instead of adding harder mods if you need to tone down difficulty a bit
  • Don't leave packs alive too long it just raises chances something will hit you hard


How to Deal More Damage?

Making more Damage is very important in the game. If you are having trouble with boss battles or noticing certain enemies being too tanky, upping your damage output is key. With these necessary tips for attack and spell builds how should one increase their damage output in Path of Exile? Let’s find out.

Path of Exile Dealing More Damage Overview


Skill Gems and Passive Tree Optimization:

  • Connect your main skill with support gems that enhance it best for maximum damage output.
  • Take efficient damage nodes on the passive tree based on your specific build.
  • Check the leveling sections, gem links, and passive tree recommendations if you are following a build guide.


Weapons Upgrade for More Damage:

  • For attack builds, upgrade weapons to increase overall damage.
  • Look for a suitable white item of the base type used by your primary skill at the vendor in the current act.
  • Use blacksmith's whetstones to increase weapon quality and consider using an Alchemy orb for further improvements.
  • Spellcasters should follow a similar process but focus on spell or elemental damage instead of physical damage.


Sockets and Links Optimization:

  • Make sure that by Act Three at least your main skill is on a four-link setup.
  • Use an orb of binding on helmet, gloves, boots, or body armor to get a four-link setup.
  • Use fusion orbs until you achieve desired links and quality on your gear if necessary.


Damage Auras Utilization:

  • Running damage auras can greatly amplify overall power of your character because they are very strong buffs;
  • which provide permanent benefits in exchange for reserving some % of maximum mana thereby leading to higher DPS numbers.


Optimization with Path Of Building:

  • Import items/equipment/passive skill tree into Path Of Building;
  • Use "show node power" option so as to know which passive tree nodes give most damage per point spent;
  • This tool is useful for optimizing your character's damage potential.


What Next? (Endgame Progression)

When your Path of Exile journey is over, it can be difficult to know what to do next in the endgame. Here's what comes after completing all the trials and tribulations.

Endgame Progression Overview


First and foremost, gauge where you stand in terms of character power. Consider the following steps as a way of finding out how much better your character can get:

Step 1 Import your character with those steps given using Path of Building.
Step 2 In configurations, adjust settings so that it simulates fighting against Guardian SL Pinnacle.
Step 3 Take a look at different combat skill choices and effective DPS categories – this will tell you how well your character performs.
Step 4 Look at two numbers specifically – combined DPS (Overall Damage) and effective hit pool (Overall Defense).


Please keep in mind that these are rough estimations which may not apply universally across different situations or environments where your character finds itself. They are not meant to be taken as gospel but they offer good insight into understanding how well-rounded or efficient one's build might turn out when tested against various game content.


Knowing both combined DPS alongside effective hit pool should help inform any decisions made towards upgrading characters. These measurements allow room for improvement by identifying areas that need work so as to boost capabilities required for handling endgame challenges.


Trading Guideline

To improve a character, one must trade with other players. So let's go step by step on how to search for weapon and armor upgrades effectively, set filters and make successful transactions.

Path of Exile Trading Overview


Here's a trading guide for beginners!


Looking For Weapon Upgrades:

  • Go to and open the following tabs: type filters, weapon filters, armor filters, socket filters, requirements, and miscellaneous.
  • On the requirements tab, adjust the maximum level as per your character’s level.
  • Choose the item category based on what kind of weapon you’re using: one-handed sword or two-handed axe etc.
  • Use the weapon filters to specify minimum physical DPS required.
  • Keep chaos orb buyout equivalent equal to or less than highest price willing to pay in these types of orbs at once!
  • Click search button so that all potential weapons fitting this description come up – then sort them by dps stats (highest first) to find best option easily .
  • Sort options may help if there is more than one viable choice but direct whisper should be clicked each time someone wants trade – it’s quicker


Searching For Armor Upgrades:

  • Just like searching for weapon upgrades open relevant tabs at . Try adding type filters next time!
  • Level requirements need adjustment along with selection of base type (body armor/boots/helmets/gloves).
  • Stat filters might come in handy setting up desirable ones such as movement speed , life , resistances etc so keep an eye out for them too !
  • Maximum chaos orb buyout could be set depending on how deep your pocket can get while playing this game…
  • The search button will show all available armours matching given criteria including those without sockets or links if any are required – now they could be sorted by highest life,
  • Search results may still need to be sorted or filtered according to what is most important for a character. What should come first armor rating, evasion rating or resistances?
  • Direct whisper button – click it after choosing best matching item and initiate trade with seller who has that piece of equipment!


Tips On Finding Six-Linked Body Armours:

  • Set minimum 6 linked sockets using socket filters.
  • Instead of specific colours fill out the base type (e.g., armor and evasion).
  • Add minimum armor or evasion values as additional criteria.
  • Decide whether corrupted or non-corrupted items will work better for you.
  • Click search button to view all available six linked body armours fitting given description so far…
  • Sort options should narrow down selection even more helping find cheaper ones!


Build Comparison

To maximize your gaming, you must compare and contrast different builds to know what they are good at and where they fall short. One of the greatest approaches is by using which is a website that gives insights about player builds.

Path of Exile Build Comparison Overview



  • Go to then click on the “Builds” tab.
  • Choose the ascendency class of your character and type its main skill into the search bar.
  • Arrange the builds according to DPS so as to see those with high damage output.


Understandability Of The Builds

  • Some builds may not be realistic for most players due to high currency requirements; these are called "PB Warriors".
  • Switch over to the SSF league where characters are self-found without any trade interaction in order to look at more approachable build options.


Analyzing Builds

  • Open 5 or 10 characters from SSF league and check their stats/ effects etcetera..
  • Use clipboard icon to copy build code for interesting characters.


Importing Builds

  • In PoE create new build then paste copied code under ‘import/export build’.
  • The imported build will give correct representation of character’s power with minor adjustments required for main skill and support gem effects.


Synthesising Common Trends

  • Look through multiple imported builds & find common trends between them such as gear stats, passive points, skill links, etc...
  • Use these common trends when creating your own character or making upgrade decisions for already existing one.


Maps Overview

Maps are physical drops from enemies and come in 16 tiers, starting at level 68 and ending at 83. Map difficulty increases with tier; white maps being easy, yellow maps being normal, and red maps being hard. Completing the bonus objective of a map grants you a passive point to spend on the Atlas passive tree which is vital for endgame progression.

Path of Exile Maps FAQs


Map Tiers and Difficulty Levels

  • Maps can progress up to tier 16 as their difficulty increases.
  • White maps are considered easy while yellow ones are normal and red ones are hard.
  • Higher tiers have stronger monsters with tougher mechanics.


Bonus Objectives

  • Each time you complete a map's bonus objective, check your Atlas for specifics.
  • A passive point will be earned that can be used on the Atlas passive tree upon completion of a bonus objective of any given map.
  • The Atlas passive tree greatly affects character development and acts as an endgame progression system too.


How to Navigate the Atlas Passive Tree?

  • With great character customization options in Path of Exile, it’s no surprise that there is also variety within the different branches of this skill tree!
  • On the atlas tree focus only on one or two mechanisms that you really love so much because this will make your specialization easier during game playthroughs later on down its path – remember: everything should be done according one’s preferences
  • There's large variety available when it comes choosing not just passives but entire sections based solely around personal taste – which makes sense since nobody wants their build feeling exactly like somebody else’s did when they played through these levels before them…


Endgame Variety

  • One thing about PoE which sets it apart from other games is how much content there actually is at “endgame”.
  • There are many different things players can do such as Tower Defense encounters, hunting beasts or Delve expeditions – all of which have their own unique rewards and challenges.
  • Path of Exile does a great job rewarding players for doing what they enjoy, meaning that people will be able to find their own path through endgame rather than being forced down one because “that’s what you’re supposed to do”.



The developers wanted to ensure that there would always be something new waiting around every corner no matter how many times someone played P.O.E., so don't worry about running out content anytime soon!.


Feel free try different parts out until finding ones preferred playstyle then invest more time into those areas. If you need further assistance with endgame progression please let us know so we can help tailor our advice specifically towards your needs.


Ultimately, mastering Path of Exile is an ongoing process that takes both time and dedication. However, with the right guidance and resources, this journey can also prove very rewarding. These FAQs should come in handy when needed by new players looking for a way through PoE's intricacies.

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