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PoE Perandus Pact Ultimate Guide: Unlock Secrets of This Unique Jewel

PoE Perandus Pact Ultimate Guide: Unlock Secrets of This Unique Jewel

The Perandus Pact is a unique jewel introduced in Path of Exile's 3.24 Necropolis update. It's obtained through the game's grave crafting mechanism by combining corpses of the Perandus family members. The jewel has a dynamic impact on passive skills within its radius, offering a range of possible stat enhancements to optimize various character builds. 



Unique Jewel: The Perandus Pact

Get your hands on the exclusive jewel known as 'The Perandus Pact'. By digging around graves in Necropolis you can obtain this special item created upon combining four different dead bodies from those belonging to family members from the long-gone house of Perandus.


When socketed onto passive skills nodes it bestows surrounding passive skills with one out 13 random improvements depending on what was rolled when it was acquired.


Potential Stats

The Perandus Pact has a lot to offer, but here are just some of its enhancements:

PoE Perandus Pact Jewel Stats

  • Boosting life and mana
  • Enhancements to critical hit chance
  • Better quality attributes
  • Improving damage in different ways
  • Resisting chaos
  • Defending better than ever before.

Using additional corpses during the crafting process could impact what outcome the jewel gives, so there's definitely room for customization.


What does it do?

This jewel works by adding an additional stat to each passive skill node.  For example, if you use a Perandus Pact with "+5 to maximum life", every node within its reach will stack this bonus on top of their current stats. 

PoE Perandus Pact Prismatic Jewel

It's not hard to see why smartly placing these jewels is important, since you can only have one Perandus Pact per character.


Example Use Cases

  1. Righteous Fire Chieftain Build: Using a specific socket for a  "6% increased fire damage" Perandus Pact could give your Chieftain build an incredible 96% increase in fire damage if 16 nodes are allocated within the radius.
  2. Physical to Fire Conversion Spell Build: This build archetype could walk away with an astonishing 150% increase in fire damage if you place a "6% increased fire damage" Perandus Pack near the Templar starting location and allocate 25 nodes within its radius.


Low Use & Build Viability

The Perandus Pact Jewel is only used in 6% of SC trade Necropolis builds. But it's a very powerful jewel that offers a variety of stats that can enhance almost any build drastically. It's a single jewel slot that will give you a lot more value than anything else you could put in there.

PoE Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel and Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel

Builds that use Magic or Adorned Jewels for their slots, or Timeless Jewels for stat allocation might not want to use this one though. Most builds not constrained by those exceptions should take into consideration adding the Perandus Pact Jewel to reap the benefits.


Optimized Pathing & Unnatural Instinct

To maximize the effect of the Perandus Pact Jewel players need to optimize their passive skill tree pathing.


A good way to do this is by using it with the Unnatural Instinct unique jewel so they can benefit from unallocated small passive skills within its radius. This gives them even more value from their Perandus Pact Jewel.


Example: In a mana-stacking build that uses both these jewels, the pact would give an extra 180 maximum mana from 36 nodes within its radius – which is just one jewel!


Other Interactions

There are other ways to get more out of the Perandus Pact Jewel as well:

PoE Other Interactions

Thread of Hope Allocates passives within its ring without requiring tree connectivity.
Impossible Escape Allows allocation of passives around a Keystone without tree connectivity.
Intuitive Leap Enables allocation of passives within a small radius without being connected.
Might of the Meek Increases bonuses from nodes but disables notables within its radius.
Anointing Anoint passive skills within the Perandus Pact's radius for additional benefits.


The Perandus Pact is undervalued and can greatly improve most builds. You don't need to do extensive overhauls on your passive skill tree to make it work better either. You can optimize it for even greater value however. Players are encouraged to explore the utility of this jewel in their builds to fully capitalize on its power. By understanding and utilizing its interactions with other unique jewels and optimizing passive tree pathing players can significantly strengthen their characters.

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