Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This site and the services provided by it are owned and operated by Yu's Game Service Co,.Ltd, 41 Devonshire Street Ground Floor Office 1, London, United Kingdom, W1G 7AJ. and its Affiliated Teams (collectively "Team").  Are you ready to embark on a thrilling quest to decode the enigmatic script known as the Terms & Conditions of Pathofexilecurrency? For we shall be your trusty guide through this labyrinthine document, ensuring that by the end of our journey, you'll be as wise as a master sage.

Tearm and Conditions - Pathofexilecurrency.com



Object of Contract / Conclusion of Contract

The Cast:

  • The Provider: Pathofexilecurrency, those magicians who give away their digital treasures.
  • The Customer: That is you, brave traveler!


The Adventure Begins:

  • Storing Loot: Put your desired things to virtual cart.
  • Sealing the Deal: What now do these sacred texts (and terms and conditions) contain? You have an option to buy this item immediately?
  • Age of Heroes: Are you 18 or over with guardian's permission?
  • The Fine Print: Further details about these services can be found at their mystical website.
  • Hero or Merchant?: Who are you – consumer or business entity? It plays out differently in legal land!
  • Forbidden Users: Game devs and network operators can leave now.
  • The Middleman: Provider is only a message bearer for they don't possess any gold inside that game! They do not own any gold in the game itself but can mediate between both parties trying to enter into such kind of transaction.
  • Language of the Land: This is obvious from which language is used on their site – it is mentioned somewhere there).
  • Data Vaults: Don't worry all your information is tucked away securely.


Services / Impediments to Performance

  • The Goods: Path of Exile currency is yours or the character that was promised can be empowered.
  • Your Part in the Spell: To make magic happen, you should take part in it.
  • When You Falter: Should there be a failure on your side, they are free of responsibility whereas you still maintain accountability.
  • Time-Bending: Delivery dates might change just because of some unforeseen forces – like server problems for example).
  • Account Curses: If someone blocks your account, this is all on you however your wallet will become a little bit lighter due to this action.
  • Market Mysterie: It's out of their hands if value of your digital gold changed tomorrow.
  • Retreat Option: If game updates make boosting too tough, they can back out with a refund (but that's all you get). You can visit our Refund Policy to learn more about this!
  • Unofficial Allies: They were not knighted by game makers officially; all trademarks belong to their respective lords.


Term & Termination

  • Quest Completion: The contract finishes up when services have been completed. No dramatic goodbyes are necessary though!
  • Escape Clause: Still yeah, if things go really wrong you could bail!
  • Written Farewells: Write and sign something for this purpose if we formally decide to break up?


Duties of the Customer

  • Truthful Chronicles: Tell us whose possession properties these are; claim only what belongs to you please…
  • Smooth Sailing: Help them help u being cooperative!
  • Guardian of Secrets: Send us your login details for boosting and we will store it somewhere so that we could forget about it forever afterwards…
  • Play Nice!: Don't abuse our services; its' just not cool!


Compensation and Payment Processing

  • Price Tags: The price on the ticket is what you pay (inclusive of taxes).
  • Advance Payments: For magical experience you must pay in advance.
  • Discounts & Deals: Sales, however, not at all times.
  • Payment Methods: They have a list of options for payment; they pay transaction fees.
  • Late Fees: If one misses a payment interest accumulates.
  • Deeper Pockets: Late enough they can ask for more.
  • Contract Escape: If one gets behind on payments they may decide to disengage from the customer.



  • The "Oops, Not Our Fault" Clause :Essentially, Pathofexilecurrency (the Provider) will opt out of responsibility unless it's a superior infringement like causing injury or breaching significant contractual commitments.
  • We'll Pay for the Ouchies Promise: If anything extremely important goes wrong and you get physically hurt or perhaps even injured in game, there's no guarantee that they would buy gifts but only if it was negligence on their part during the course of such actions.
  • Game Bans & Sanctions: Therefore if you're booted from the game or disciplined for some reason don't come running over to Pathofexilecurrency–you're on your own here!
  • Website Woes: They are holding no responsibilities where their website fails suddenly due to none of their faults.
  • Dreams of Riches: Aspirant entrepreneurs dreaming about lost profits resulting from minor service hiccups will never get any compensation for these missed chances.
  • The Shield Extends: These same release clauses still apply to them if you go after Pathofexilecurrency's helpers or legal squad directly as well.


Limitation/Exclusion of the Right of Withdrawal

  • Quirk of Digital Content: Once you press that buy button on that cool in-game loot, and it starts being delivered digitally (no physical stuff here), forget about your right to rescind the purchase.
  • "You Said OK!" Acknowledgment: Therefore, if you actually do go through with the purchase, this implies that you have accepted to waive your cancellation rights in case they begin performing their part early.
  • Business Buyers Beware: Walking away is not an option at all if you are buying things for your business.
  • Check the Policy: To know more tear-jerking details about withdrawing from a deal, see their withdrawal policy.



  • Data Collecting Handshake: According to the privacy laws, they will collect personal information but will keep them as nice memories only for third-party purposes or approval by the user.
  • Third-Party Info Toss: In such cases ensure that permission was sought from those involved prior to revealing these details otherwise hold an individual responsible for everything happening as a result of your interference with them.
  • Your Data Rights Rundown: The GDPR gives you a whole suite of options-from pulling consent to demanding data erasure—so if you want to use them just shout out Pathofexilecurrency
  • Complaint Corner: You can make a complaint by sending them an email or contacting the data protection authorities in charge.


Dispute Settlement

  • Online Squabble Solver: Are you having a problem which does not require going into court? That applies because there is an online platform provided by EU at [ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/](https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/) for users to solve their squabbles.
  • Costs for Complaining: There might be some kind of cost imposed when Pathofexilecurrency agrees to engage in consumer arbitration or negotiation process.


Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

  1. The German law is the ultimate authority of all business dealings with Pathofexilecurrency, no UN sales law here.
  2. Legal wrangles happen at Pathofexilecurrency's residence unless you are not a business entity and don't reside in Germany or cannot be found when mail arrives from the court.


Scope of Application

  • Contractual Handshake: When purchasing anything, you must agree to all these rules.
  • Your Terms Need Not Apply: Have your own shopping rules? To be valid, they must be high-fived by Pathofexilecurrency in writing.
  • Change Is Inevitable: These terms may change at any time by Pathofexilecurrency.
  • Language Barrier: If translations get wonky, German terms wear the crown.



If one rule in this legal party turns out to be a dud, don't fret – the rest still get down to business. They'll swap it out with something that matches what everyone wanted in the first place.


You now have happily walked through Pathofexilecurrency's Terms & Conditions like an expert. With this newly acquired knowledge held tight in your hands clad with gauntlets, go forth into those digital markets knowing that you are fully aware of what legalese can mean and perhaps giggle once or twice about it being ludicrous.

Bear in mind though these terms may appear as daunting as facing Minotaur within his labyrinth; they are merely stipulations intended to ensure that your quest for virtual wealth and fame remains equitable and enjoyable for everybody involved.

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