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PoE Builds | PoE 3.24 League Starter and Endgame Builds

Path of Exile is quite an intricate and complicated game that necessitates players to have a coherent strategy in order to triumph. In a nutshell, Crafting a viable build is all about balancing between the enormous damage per second (DPS) you can cause and the ability of your character to survive. For PoE 3.24 Necropolis, this is what you will get on Our PoE Builds, including different kinds of builds, passive skill tree requirements, gear selection, gameplay etc..


League Starter Builds

PoE 3.24 League  Starter Builds

Top Smooth and Powerful PoE 3.24 Builds for League Starter

Dive into the top 10 safest and most reliable league starter builds for Path of Exile's 3.24 league. Ensure a smooth and powerful beginning to your journey with these tried and true setups.

PoE 3.24 Starter Builds: Top 5 Best Pick in Necropolis League

Get ready for the 3.24 league in Path of Exile, because we have the best starter builds to help you in your journey! The guide is clear and concise so you can understand what build strategies to use and get started.


Endgame Builds

PoE 3.24 Endgame Builds


Identifying Your Goals

But before you even begin creating a build it's important that you know what exactly you are trying to achieve with your character. Here are some things to think about:

  • League Starter vs Advanced Builds: how do your goals differ depending on whether it's the start of the league or you just have access to some currency.
  • Unique Item Requirements: does your build depend on specific unique items or could it be as effective with rares found throughout gameplay?
  • Playstyle Preferences: In other words, do I like this build? Do I hate Totems and love Direct Damage?
  • Gear Competition: Does this gear have high demand so that prices would go up?
  • Complexity and Innovation: Is there anything new about this build? Does it present more strategies or fall back on common ones?
  • Source Credibility: Who makes these builds? What has been their record regarding providing useful effective build guides?


Constructing Your Build

There are several things to focus when crafting your build:

  • Strengths and Weaknesses: What does your build excel at – AoE damage, Single Target DPS/EHP mapping speed / bossing potential etc.
  • Survivability vs Damage Output: how much damage should you sacrifice for survival especially if playing Hardcore mode.
  • Gameplay Mechanics: Understand how Path of Exile telegraphs its combat system so as to create builds able effectively dodge attacks or face-tank if necessary.
  • Mobility and Phasing: this refers to maintaining freedom of movement as well as using abilities like phasing in order to avoid being trapped by enemies.
  • Skill Rotation: is the skill rotation complex? Would you rather play a simple one-button build or a more intricate setup?
  • Build Versatility: consider different map mods, reflect damage, etc.


Damage & Tank

The design of a build that combines damage with toughness is essential, especially in Hardcore mode where your survival is crucial. Here are the key factors to consider.

Key Factors Description
Spell Suppression Though spell suppression is an often-preferred defensive pathway, learn new defense mechanics that may be patched in.
Aura Management Find out whether your build can allow for damage auras or if you must select skills without aura scaling.
Ascendancy Choices Many classes like Champion, Juggernaut, Necromancer and Saboteur have significant tankiness through their ascendancy perks.
Defensive Curses Enfeeble as well as temporal chains curses can both provide offense and defense. Keep updated on changes to these mechanics.
Damage Mitigation You might also consider adding a Cast when Damage Taken setup using skills such as Molten Shell to add more buffer against burst damage.
Aura Swapping For boss encounters, swapping things like Grace for Malevolence may up your output thus minimizing the time they have to attack you.

While designing your build, prioritize defense instead of compromising heavily on damage capabilities. This makes it possible for you to kill enemies very quickly while reducing the risk of being overwhelmed by them.



Damage output is one of the most important aspects of any PoE build. Here are tips on maximizing DPS:

Damage Multipliers Aim at stacking multipliers to increase your damage output. The objective here is to get into an optimal dps range for endgame content.
Damage Types Decide whether this will be hit-based build or ignite-based build or use some other form of damage scaling.This determines how you play and interact with bosses.
Damage Uptime You should evaluate the sustained damage that your build can deal out. For example lower dps applied consistently might perform better than higher dps which is intermittent.
Skill Selection Take abilities which suit your preferred playstyle best while having the right balance between damage and mobility.
Utility Skills Use skills such as Skitterbots to boost your build's effectiveness, allowing for further damage increases through synergistic support gems like Hypothermia.


When optimizing DPS, consider the real application of damage in gameplay rather than just raw numbers. This includes both frequency and reliability of dealing damage to enemies.



Creating a great PoE build must involve detailed planning and an understanding of how the underlying mechanics work. Setting objectives, taking your tastes into account and juggling different gameplay aspects will enable you to craft an effective as well as entertaining build.

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