Refund Policy


This is – we are like the reliable town blacksmith striving for that perfect customer-satisfaction sword. Though even highly skilled blacksmiths do get it wrong sometimes. Therefore we have our Refund Policy as clear as new polished mirrors can be.

Refund Policy -


Resolution Alternatives

We've all been there – you're all set for your epic journey in Wraeclast, and something goes awry. Not to worry! Here is a quiver of solutions:

Alternative Service Provision Let's say some nasty bug gets in our way and we can't give you what you have paid cash for then we will give you another shining one instead of it. And if this shining one appears to be more bronze dagger than golden axe (read - less valuable), we will throw some coins back to compensate the difference.
Rescheduled Service Completion There come days when stars aren't aligned and it's time to choose another date for our meeting. We shall talk with you about rescheduling our services so that they suit your adventure schedule as well as possible.
Refund When everything else has failed and the bridge fell out, then we shall hand over all your full sack of gold coins back to you. By complete refund I mean no service being delivered that you had purchased earlier on.


Just remember that if we were already on a quest together but suddenly decided to return home (cancel) then only those coins, which were spent on the part done may be asked from us


Are You Eligible for a Refund?

You might be asking yourself if you could qualify for a refund. Here are some directions:

  • Something on our end made the service more knotted than a pack of Vorici's wires.
  • You've decided to change your mind before we left the town.
  • Your midway through the service and so make an abrupt shift in plans.


What should I do next?

Are you ready for a refund? We shall confirm your request as soon as possible, initiate and complete refund process within 12 hours. However, please bear in mind that money will be returned to your wallet at different time depending on the speed of your bank or payment provider (usually within 24 hours).


Specific Refund Process:

  1. Click Refund Process directly at the backend of personal account or submit refund demand to customer questions.
  2. Contact our staff via LIVE CHAT and tell about your desire to get money back.


Our Door Is Always Open

Any questions to ask? Do you need clarifications? Or maybe you just want Wraeclast fashion chat? Our door is always open. Please check About Us here for further information about Pathofexilecurrency website. Our job is to keep you happy like Zana who has just found another map.


Take Note: This policy is more of a guide than it is offering legal advice. If you want to get really into the fine print, it's best to call someone who speaks legalese. We are not responsible if anything goes amiss or wrong when you depend solely on this content.


And that's about it folks, our Refund Policy in all its splendour! Hopefully, it is as lucid as an expertly made gem and will ensure your Path of Exile experience is a bit smoother than escaping from Whirling Blades. You can always find us for a chat. 

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