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PoE Necropolis Grave Crafting Comprehensive Guide

PoE Necropolis Grave Crafting Comprehensive Guide

Path of Exile Necropolis comes with many complex crafting systems and among them is the Necropolis Grave Crafting. The aim of this guide is to demystify the process and provide step-by-step instructions that will allow players to make high-level items at a faster pace.


Necropolis Crafting Basics 

Necropolis Crafting streamlines PoE's usual multi-stage procedure for crafting. Here's where to begin:

  1. Choose Your Item: Decide what kind of item you would like, e.g., Energy Shield chest piece having high defense.
  2. Choose Desired Modifiers: Find modifiers that will enhance attributes of your item that you want to improve. For high energy shields, add up defense mods.
  3. Boost Specific Mods Chances: In case you are targeting fire resistance or any other resistances, choose options that will increase such chances.
  4. Reduce Unwanted Mods: Identify and decrease probability of getting unwanted mods—for isn't chaos resists if focusing on Chaos Inoculation something that should be made scarce?
  5. Create Your Item: Develop your own recipe for making the item most often done in a single step.

Path of Exile Necropolis Crafting


How to Learn Modifier Tags?

It is important to know modifier tags when crafting well:

  • In-Game Method: Having an item right under your cursor, press ALT key; the advanced text display appears showing all tags connected with this item type.
  • Use External Resources: You may choose Craft of Exile or similar websites where a comprehensive database of modifier tags is available for each unique base/shaper/elder (and so on) item type.
  • Apply Knowledge to Crafting: With this information, it becomes possible for you avoid some modifications and concentrate only on certain modifier tags while creating a rare item.

Path of Exile Modifier Tags


Modifier Tier Rating & What it Does

The crafting process in Path of Exile uses modifiers of different tier ratings, which have significant impact on the quality of an item being crafted. Here are some facts about them:

Purpose Modifier tier rating is a key feature that affects what tier range can roll on an item within a certain mod.
Functionality Thereby, usage of such mod as "+50 to modifier tier rating" and its burial before the craft will eliminate any possibility to obtain the lowest 34% of mods. For instance, creating an item with increased Energy Shield no worst tiers will be available leading to higher minimum roll instead.
Strategy In general, aiming for +400 modifier tier rating guarantees you a Tier 2 modifier while aiming for around +300 can lead you to have anything between T1-T3 modifiers. More may be good but consider its diminishing returns and resource costs.
Application This helps make all potential affixes equally influential on an item's global modification thereby speeding up the crafting process.

PoE The Tome of Arimor


Crafting Recipe Creation

To create an efficient recipe for crafting your preferred item follow these steps:

  1. Choose Item: For example, you would like a wand or sceptre as your base.
  2. Select Crafting Methodology: Choose Necropolis Graves from your crafting tool as the chosen method.
  3. Pick Modifiers: Identify and select all applicable modifiers for your build, taking into account skill tags and desirable affixes (like crit chance or multiplier).
  4. Set Tier Preferences: Now you can also set tier preferences, as to the level of each of the modifier you are aiming at, considering goals and available resources.
  5. Sort out Affixes: Place selected affixes in separate columns so as to indicate mandatory ones and mutually exclusive ones.
  6. Optimization: There are several tools like "Compute Best Selection" to provide optimal recipe suggestions or adjust quantities manually for cost-balancing and improving success rates.


Craft Refinement

In order to refine your craft:

  • Explicit Modifier Count: Determine how many explicit modifiers you would like (usually five for flexibility with bench-crafting).
  • Adjust Modifier Tier Rating: Lower the rating of a modifier's tiers in order to save resources but still aim for top-tier modifiers.
  • Balance Scarcer Modifiers: Modify the number of "attack modifiers are scarcer" or similar modifiers around them so that there is equality in terms of their effects on resource costs.
  • Evaluate Cost-Efficiency: Continuously assess whether it is worthwhile using more materials just in case they will increase the chances of crafting your desired item.


Is it effective?

Yes, the crafting method of Necropolis Grave is efficient.

PoE Item Requirements


Take wand crafting for example, where it is possible to get good affixes like "+1 to Level of All Spell Skill Gems" or even Tier 1 affixes such as "Fire Damage to Spells".


For those who want to aim at the '+2 to Level of All Spell Skill Gems', high tier affixes that provide comparable damage can be an acceptable option.


When creating, be sure that there is a slot free for a benchcraft and bear in mind that this resulting affix may be either a prefix or suffix. The success in craftwork highly depends on the number of attempts and proper application of meta-crafting techniques.


What should you start with/ How should I select my base items?

It's essential to pick the right base item if one wants successful crafting. This recent update has allowed players to precisely select their base item.

PoE Wiki

For instance, wands come with options from Profane Wand requiring high intelligence with increased cast speed bonuses to lower intelligence requirement bases. Players who do not understand what a base item is could use outside resources like; this will allow them compare different bases and decide which one best serves their purpose.


Improving Quality

To get better final attributes; increasing quality before you set out on the journey can prove significant. For armor pieces in particular, using corpses that give quality (up to 30%) increases defensive stats such as energy shield. 

PoE Necropolis Grave Crafting Improving Quality

Later stages in crafting are also made easier by having high-quality items e.g., Harvest crafts which interact with item quality. On top priority weapons dealing physical damage have maximum quality properties.


Item Level Importance

The crafted ilvl determines which affixes can appear on an item when crafting it. In order for an item to have access into some of the highest tier mods (like those related critical strike chance or multiplier), the item requirements ensures it attains a given ilvl.

PoE Necropolis Grave Crafting Important Item Level

The ilvl of the crafted item is obtained by taking an average of the levels of the corpses used; more advanced ones result in higher ilvl items. If necessary, corpses that grant "+1 to item level" can be used by players to get needed ilvl for desired affixes. Always make sure that your craft exceeds or meets minimum item level required for all your targeted affixes.


6 Linking

Creating a Six Linked item in Necropolis is a strategic process that can be made easier with correct approach. Here's how you do it fast:

  1. Start with pre-linking your item using corpses which add +1 to minimum number of linked sockets.
  2. Gather three corpses specifying maxiumum four linked sockets.
  3. Get one more corpse allowing maximum five links.
  4. Lastly, take a corpse enabling maximum six links and get your Six Linked item out of there.

When you start this crafting process, the menu will show how many links your item has. The default number of explicit modifiers is four but adding bodies can increase this figure. It can also be reduced to three if desirable for some specific craftings.


Why no need to hyper optimize?

Most crafts are not important to have perfect layouts even when some players strive for them, except few case like:

  • Most crafts involving about 30 corpses don't require any layout optimization at all.
  • When aiming at an exceptional piece with full graveyard craft consider some layout optimization.
  • Meta-corpse can be used to enhance the most important modifiers of yours by boosting all the modifers in a certain row or column by 25%.
  • Increase efficiency by stacking valuable modifers on a row or column and using this 25% boost.
  • Again, there are adjacency boosts that may be optional to use but they can help you save money if utilized well.


One interesting way of doing things is through using corpse that randomizes modifiers that surround it. While doing this, add four undesirable corpses near the randomizer hence changing them into more valuable ones. Keep exhuming inappropriate inputs while continuing with your last minute creation.

PoE Random Crafts

In other words, beyond being surprising, this method also brings buying hard-to-find rare or useful modifiers.


In summary, crafting graves in the PoE Necropolis is highly lucrative. With these guidelines, however, you can avoid suffocating yourself with over optimization and still achieve great improvement for your items. Love your craft and make it count.

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