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Is a Guide Necessary for Beginners in Path of Exile?

Is a Guide Necessary for Beginners in Path of Exile?

Path of Exile (PoE) is an action role-playing game that has attracted attention for its intricacy, particularly from Diablo fanatics. There are many skill gems in the game and an extensive skill tree. Thus, many newcomers usually ask: "Should I use a guide while learning PoE or should I brick my character along the way?"


Use Guide: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Easy Comprehension: Complexity of the game can be reduced by employing a beginner's guide.
  2. Groundwork: Mastering one build can become a strong basis for future gameplay.
  3. Progression Guarantee: A manual leads through storylines till some end-games avoiding stalemates.
  1. Organic Learning: Some players would rather figure out all about this game alone than learn from others.
  2. Personal Fun: For some players blind runs with steep learning curves are more enjoyable.
  3. Inborn Exploration: Teaching oneself about how video games actually work may be beneficial.


Personal Experience

I started playing PoE without following any build guides because I was new to it. The result was that my character had fairly low damage output but moderate tankiness. Eventually, I could not progress any further as there were bosses that I couldn't defeat necessary for further advancement. This is what people mean when they talk about "bricking" a character - getting to a point where your character cannot move forward due to poor stats or build choices.

Path of Exile Personal Experience

Although I finished the campaign and some early endgame content, most of my gear purchases were misguided, wasting both money and time. Such "quitting moments" can be disappointing, particularly because they come about when one does not understand how the game's economy works or item synergy.


However, there are also some setbacks that I had to learn from, albeit at the expense of time and fun. With a guide I could have been able to do more in PoE while still learning other aspects about the game like league mechanics or trying different game modes (Hardcore or Solo Self-Found).



The campaign completion is a humorous term referring to the development of the game. It's just like a tutorial; it is not the whole game. It teaches gamers some basic things before they dive into endgame. Thus, those who have played for hundreds of hours must continue to learn and adjust because major updates can change everything.

Path of Exile Progression

Campaign Completion The campaign is like finishing an introductory level in this game which introduces players to how the game functions and offers a glimpse into its rich content.
Mapping System After the campaign, players experience mapping system which starts at 16 tiers. This system also helps new players get used to PoE mechanics as well as work as a prolonged tutorial.
Learning Curve With every level that you reach, you unpeel another layer of complexity and strategy that lay beneath with each becoming more complex than the previous one. For instance, every time there is a big update or league starts experienced gamers may need to change something in their gameplay.
Build Philosophy Players can follow popular builds or create their own from scratch. Such approach simplifies playing for newcomers who can then concentrate only on mastering play mechanics, while another option assumes harder but at times more satisfactory process.
Build Guides The first use of build guides could make your life easier when starting out in PoE. If used properly, these can help you understand how deep PoE really is; however, some will argue that using a powerful meta-build makes it less challenging.




Tools and Third Party Programs

  • Awakened PoE Trade: The tool allows players to know how much items are worth in the economy of the game. This tool is particularly useful for players who are in trading leagues.
  • Path of Building: This program simulates in-game skill tree and items so that players can plan their builds out of the game. Although not required if you’re a new player, it will be more important as you get deeper into PoE's complexity.
  • Recommendations for New Players: Being overwhelming at times, they however provide countless advantages concerning Poe’s economy and character development. New players should use build guides and consider Awakened PoE Trade to help them finish their first playthroughs easier.


Item Filters

PoE has a multitude of items, but players do not require all of them. This is why the game contains item filters which were introduced to help overcome visual clutter caused by having many loot drops. With this system in place, only relevant loot would be visible during gameplay.

Path of Exile Item Filters


Setting Up Your Item Filter

  • Picking a Filter: You don't have to create your filter from scratch. There are different community-created filters available online designed for various playstyles and game modes.
  • FilterBlade: An example of such a website that I can recommend here is They offer an easy-to-use interface for choosing and personalizing an item filter.
  • Integration: Just log into your PoE account, choose a proper filter you fancy (e.g., softcore, hardcore), and select one strictness level appropriate for you as FilterBlade provides such type of filters. Beginners should use 'semi-strict' or 'regular' to avoid low-value items.
  • Applying the Filter: The selected filter will now be visible in your in-game item filter list after you choose it on FilterBlade website. Filters can easily be changed or updated as needed.


Benefits of Using an Item Filter:

  • Less screen clutter
  • Valuable/useful things are highlighted
  • Gameplay is improved by focusing on relevant loot
  • Simplified looting process for both newbies and veterans alike


Item Filter Considerations:

  • It's assumed that Path Of Exile players will use the item filtration system since it's part of the design.
  • Anyone who understands how to navigate web-based designs can set up a filtering system with no game knowledge at all.
  • If you want a playable experience beyond the first few runs through, using an item filter is nearly mandatory.


The decision whether or not to use a guide when starting Path of Exile largely depends on personal preferences of a player and learning style. Such a guideline can offer an organized introduction into the play, avoiding some early frustrations. In contrast, playing blind can lead to more satisfying though difficult learning experiences. There are good reasons for both courses and in the end it is what makes your gaming experience most enjoyable.

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