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Path of Exile Beginner Guide: Atlas and Endgame - Part 2

Path of Exile Beginner Guide: Atlas and Endgame - Part 2

After dealing with many challenges in Path of Exile Campaign, players finally reach its ultimate stage—endgame. It is at this point that you encounter atlas of worlds which contains a very complex map system that has several activities and tasks. This guide will give you all that is required to guide you through this intricate but fruitful aspect of the game.


Map Showcase

When you finish fighting your way across the campaign up until epilogue point where Kurui Shores is located, then meet Commander Kira. He will present his first map to him which is a precious item that takes him into new areas. Once in your map machine place this mapand six portals will open up leading to another realm which has unique layouts, mobs and a boss at its end.

Path of Exile Map Showcase


Here's What You Need Masting To Know:

Layouts & Mobs Each map has different environments filled with creatures. While journeying across these landscapes, there are different types of foes culminating into one defined by an ultimate big bad.
Boss Encounters After every map there awaits a challenge from bosses. Your first meeting might seem insurmountable but as your gear improves alongside experience their behemoths shall become more manageable.
Map Completion Map completions which are important in terms of progression in Atlas come from killing boss monsters and exploring maps containing those bosses.

Pro Tip: Bring Commander Kira back home so as to have access to maps as well as map device – no more trips back.


Atlas Of Worlds

On beating one world's boss after another, we unveil new challenges with every subsequent interaction within them leading us further along our journey.

  • Map Tiers: Maps are divided into tiers with Tier 1 being the easiest and Tier 16 the most difficult. White Maps (Tier 1-5), Yellow Maps (Tier 6-10), and Red Maps (Tier 11-16) indicate their difficulty level.
  • Map Drops: In addition to bosses having a high chance of dropping maps, regular enemies can also drop them.


Map Difficult

Maps can be made harder to increase their difficulty, but also increase loot potential. These include Orbs of Transmutation or Alchemy or even Vaal Orbs which bring in modifiers that make enemies stronger but also increases item quantity, rarity and monster pack size.

Path of Exile Map Difficult

Be very careful about map mods; some may kill your build instantly. For instance, "reflect" mods are capable of one-shotting characters that can't resist damage types they produce. Progressively use Orbs of Alchemy on your maps to get better rewards for unlocking bonuses in your Atlas.

But remember crafting maps is not only about loots; it's a progression too. To progress through map tiers and unlock these bonuses you will have to defeat bosses on maps under certain crafting conditions: magic for White Maps, rare for Yellow Maps and corrupted rare for Red Maps.


To Sum Up:

  • Wise Crafting: Use Orb of Alchemy on yellow maps and beyond to get more drops.
  • Map Copletions: Keep records of all completed maps for additional bonuses.
  • Unique Maps: Experiencing them would not hurt.


Atlas Passive Tree

So, you've completed a map and soaked in the glory of it all. Well, hold on just a moment! Finishing a map grants you one Atlas Skill Passive Point that can be placed anywhere within its vast web.

Path of Exile Atlas Passive  Tree


The skinny on this beast is:

  • Loot Galore: These nodes function as your very own treasure goblins, increasing the amount of bounty collected from running maps.
  • Map Boosts: Other nodes may add more maps to your loot drops or speed up your clear rate.
  • League Mechanics: Need those league-specific goodies? Nodes related to previous leagues such as Harbingers or The Sacred Grove of Harvest are available to spice up ones runs.
  • Refund Points: Did you make a mistake with your choices? No problem! You can refund them but these are slightly rarer than those on the normal passive tree.

Remember that every time you finish a map, it gives you another point to shape your personal Atlas experience. Playstyle and goals should factor into which nodes players select. 


Favour System

At the left side of your atlas screen lies Favour System. Think of it as that curator who loves maps. As you explore further into The Atlas by completing different maps and bosses (no spoilers here!), these valuable slots become unlocked for player.

So let's say Coves is one map that has captured your heart. Inserting it into Favor system means just one thing – more cove maps increase drop rates in future. It is like saying to atlas, "Yo Mr atlas man this place rocks we need to frequent it more often" allowing players to focus on favorite maps while ignoring others which do not entertain them much.



Look at those Voidstones down at the bottom of your atlas screen. These sparkly gadgets are the means to boost the tier of maps across all of them. As a result, your favorite tier 3 can graduate to being a challenging tier 16—now that is an extreme makeover!

Path of Exile Voidstones

You don't just get these Voidstones; they are zealously guarded by tough enemies waiting for you to challenge them. Hovering over each stone shows which boss possesses the key to the next upgrade.


Map Influence

On top of your Atlas, there are three interesting indicators associated with some big names in Path of Exile: Maven, Searing Exarch, and Eater of Worlds. These final bosses in game aren't playing around and experienced players must tackle them.

  • Maven: This cosmic judge wants you to show she is right by inviting her friends over and fighting several bosses at once in an arena. Win her challenges for an opportunity to go against her.
  • Searing Exarch & Eater of Worlds: There are new menaces with their own quest lines running through map completions. Keep talking with NPCs about how things have been going or read their instructions on how to meet those fearsome opponents.

And if one of these boss fights turns your map into a frozen tableau – it's just part of the Master System!


Master System

On your right, take a look at Master missions – your tickets to endgame thrills! Kirac, Jun, Niko, Alva, and Einhar await you as Masters. Once you are done with the campaign or have tried maps, just invite them all over to your hideout.

Path of Exile Master System

  • Kirac acts as Map Santa Claus of sorts, feeding free initial maps which are pre-juiced (unaffected by Atlas). They may be useful in the beginning but not later on because they are devoid of influence from Atlas passive skills. The unique feature of his inventory is that he sells maps and reveals if you have completed them (just hold 'Alt'). Do you want to alter your Atlas passives? Then Kirac will provide you with Orb of Unmaking for such purposes.
  • Jun brings quests into your maps. Clicking on "Atlas Mission", followed by map selection results into Jun's involvement in her syndicate shenanigans.

The flavor each master adds to mapping adventures differs from how others do it. While Niko digs out delves; Alva tempts players through Temporal Incursions; Einhar is in search of the greatest predators. Together they make up more developed and robust endgame experience.


Mapping Tips

Stuck in Atlas progression? Fear not! Here's a lifeline of tips:

  • Make Maps Rare: Use those orbs of alchemy to increase item quantity on maps for better drops. If this feels like too much for now stick with magic ones only.
  • Befriend Kirac: As such he is your map buddy whom whenever there are new Orbs of Chance or Alchemy wares should always be invested in for fresh explorations.
  • Utilize Atlas Passives: These nodes work like gold nuggets since connected map drops are increased more often than not through them thus improving the chances for dropping connected items as well. Unless following a guide avoid Keystones as they might either make or break your Atlas.
  • Trade with Others: In case you are stuck and RNG is not on your side, trading is a legitimate way to go. Therefore, just buy maps so that you can carry on playing.



You have barely scratched Path of Exile's endgame. The Atlas passive tree is only but one piece of this riddle. Do you want to specialize? There is a niche for every style – from boss-hunting tanks to Blight map strategists.


Hold up, there's more! You can:

  • Farm Labyrinths: Overcome tougher versions for awesome rewards.
  • Delve Deep: Discover treasures and face challenges in Azurite Mine.
  • Heist: Robbery raids for endless loot.
  • Magic Find: Gear up with items that increase both quantity and rarity.
  • Craft and Trade: If market play is your thing, fortunes are waiting.

Feeling overwhelmed? Find what you love, specialize, and excel. Whether it's mastering Heists or delving into crafting, there's always something new to learn in Path of Exile's vast endgame universe.


Remember exiles; the journey may be arduous but the gains are colossal. Define your path; vanquish the Atlas and let Wraeclast remember the name!

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